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March 2007



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Mar. 28th, 2007

Mad Tea Party Invitation

                   Mad Hatter's Tea Party

You are invited to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, to be hosted in Lewisville on April 1st, 2007 at 4 p.m.. That would be April Fool's to those of you who do not know, you silly dears. Here is a small list of things we are expecting of you. Get your directions here Party Directions

1. <----(Always a big one). You must bring a form of seating for each member of your party. It doesn't really matter what form, we gladly accept chairs, boxes, flying carpets, seated elephants (because it's not nice to be sitting higher then anyone else), and any other kind you can think of. We can't supply them for you.

2. Everyone must bring a thermos of hot water. We happen to be in a place that does not give us the benefit of electricity and no one likes cold tea, so the help would be appreciated.

3. Every person attending must be in appropriate costume. And those it has been warned before let me recite it again. The Emperor's New Clothes is not an acceptable storybook character to dress as.

4. Please remember that we shall be having the tea party in a public park and may be approached by small children and their families on occasion out of curiosity, so be prepared to be at least insane if not polite. An audience is always an excuse to perform.

We shall have fun, games, prizes, music, food and drink. Not in that order but I guarantee that we have them all.

After the party, who ever wants can join us at the goth club The Church for Heather's humiliating 21st birthday bash. We hope you will do so and stay in costume with us.

Jan. 10th, 2007

Design for Alice Dress So Far......

Here is what I've come up so far for my Alice dress. Hopefully it won't change that much before the Tea Party.

Jan. 5th, 2007

Look at the stars, watch them burn

I love pretty things. Sunlight piercing a crystal ball and shattering into a million seperate beams on the other side, watching as a greedy flame eats up the untrue love letter that's stained with tears, dew drops still clinging to the blood red petals of a rose.

I love ridiculous things. The way a person will unconciously stare at themselves in the reflective store front window without realizing the world is watching them, a simple sentence of nonsense that the speaker will end with a manic smile and then run.

I love people. When they speak of things taboo and blush pink when they've realized it, when they fall in love, when they lose their minds.

I love the human body. The way a woman's neck with slant into the curve of a shoulder, how a man's arms find with practice the right way to loop around a body, the way hair will lay in the most alluring of places when it has been shaken out.

I love it all and more. Theres always something new to find and love in my own twisted way.